When will 501 Alchemist Launch?

13th April 2022 @ 6.30pm - exclusively on Nifty Gateway.

What is the drop structure?

There are 3 tiers: Terra, Aer and Igni.

Alchemist Terra & Aer will both be Open Editions, with physical and meta collectibles and unique rewards. (See Nifty Gateway Drop Page for details)

Alchemist Igni is a 1/1 Auction.

Alchemist Terra & Aer holders will be eligible to enter a unique collector drawings for ultra-rare collectibles soon after the drop is concluded.

For more details, visit the Official Drop Page on Nifty Gateway.

How many can I mint?

The minting limit per account for Terra & Aer has been lifted by Nifty Gateway and the drop will be open for an extended period to give collectors worldwide time to grab their NFT.

How long is the minting window?

The mint window has been specially extended to 501 Minutes.

What will the mint price be?

Alchemist Terra - $350
Alchemist Aer - $1,950
Alchemist Igni - 1/1 Auction.

50% of the drop and half of secondary creator royalties will be donated by Maverick directly to Humanium Metal. Forever. The secondary royalty is set at 15% due to the unique nature of what Humanium is trying to achieve. Whether you mint, hodl or flip, you are an advocate for life.

What network will 501 Alchemist launch on?

501 Alchemist will launch on the Ethereum network.

Are there plans for any other drops?

Yes! 501 Alchemist with Tuan Le is just the first collection on the Humanium Metal roadmap - it will be a rich and colorful journey, so get involved now and be rewarded in the future!

Do you plan on integrating into other metaverses?

We will continue to explore potential interoperability - it will be subject to meeting our internal quality expectations for the roadmap.

What utility will 501 Alchemist Sneakers have?

501 Alchemist is unique because the collection was purpose-built for the metaverse. The roadmap incorporates ultra-rare Humanium physicals that contain utility in the Humanium roadmap, taking guns off the streets and putting value in the hands of collectors and advocates.

501 Alchemist is also the first hybrid-charity collection to perpetuate revenue to communities affected by gun violence via automated blockchain smart contracts.

The royalty mechanic and custodial nature of Nifty Gateway makes every NFT minted a perpetual tool in the fight against gun violence. The charity proceeds are managed directly by IM Sweden - the parent charity and creator of Humanium Metal. IM has a rich, verifiable history of improving the planet and is a fully-regulated charity based in Sweden and operating worldwide.

Maverick is responsible for content for many of the global blue-chip brands in web2. It sees 501 as a profound opportunity to take its collective learnings and bring philanthropy into web3 through creativity and NFTs.

What does 501 stand for?

501 is inspired by the 501(c)(3) US classification for charities, where gun violence is endemic. As the leader of the free world and a nation of change makers, we felt 501 Alchemist was indicative of the potential for the world to change its approach to breaking the cycle of gun violence.

Why is Maverick doing this?

Gun violence is a global problem and we have a moral obligation to help if we can. We believe that the world’s problems won’t be solved by politics, but by art and creativity. This is what motivates us, and we hope you’ll join us in making a difference.


01 | 501 Alchemist - The Genesis Drop

13th of April 2022 - we release the 501 Alchemist to the world on Nifty Gateway! 501 Alchemist drop is going to be special - the Universe meets the metaverse with Meta Sneakers powered by Illegal guns. Designed by The Zen Master of Sneakers Tuan Le & Maverick with exclusive physical rewards, ultra-rare 3D printed Humanium Metal collectibles with custom utility, and metaverse wearables - so you can walk the walk!

02 | Alchemist Sneaker Art - Late Summer / Early Fall 2022

The journey continues with 501 Alchemist Sneaker Art - mind-blowing, innovative art powered by Tuan Le’s Alchemist sneakers - brought to life through original music and hyper-detailed visuals by Maverick - special benefits go to holders from the genesis drop. Strap in!

03 | Unreal Engine, Decentraland, Sandbox - and more!

501 Alchemist is Unreal Engine Ready - every stitch expertly crafted to be future-proofed for the metaverse. We are dropping Meta Sneakers optimized for Decentraland, Sandbox & Cryptovoxels to NFT holders and are using UE to ensure your meta sneakers are compatible in games, films, and metaverses. We want to deliver the best experience possible and make the wearables compatible with PFP collections as they independently develop their physical presence in the metaverse.

04 | Exclusive IRL & Digital Events

Humanium wants to gather this community in remarkable ways; they will be holding high-profile gun decommissioning events across America and the world. Merging the traditional art world, sneaker culture, and NFT activism, we will create real-world impact by taking illegal guns off the streets though NFTs. Art and creativity will rebuild communities most affected by gun violence.

05 | AR Sneakers

Each one of our Meta Sneakers is AR-Ready. To reward our community, we will be activating this AR functionality through the dynamic codes laser engraved onto the physical Humanium Metal collectibles from the genesis drop, blending metaverse and IRL spaces. Don’t miss out!

06 | Physical Alchemist Sneakers

R&D and innovation is at the core of 501 Alchemist - we have already begun the process of 3D printing the Humanium Metal Sole in the design. This sneaker innovation will be put in the hands of one of the best high-end sneaker manufacturers in the world to experiment with the development of IRL gunmetal sneakers - taking weapons off the streets and bringing them back as fashion.

We will share this process as we go, as our projects have collaboration and openness at their core. We will share developments online as we go on this incredible journey together!

07 | World Class Collaborations

We have built some incredible relationships in the Sneaker Community. There are super exciting collaborations ahead - we will be working with some of the best-known sneaker designers, companies and industry names on future drops - the incredibly positive response we have received so far has been inspiring.

08 | The Alchemist 1

This artwork will be the rarest sneaker on Earth. Made from 100% Humanium Metal, it has been in development for two years, and will be 3D printed head to toe in a full-size adult shoe using the most innovative laser printing technology. The Humanium Metal 1/1 will be the beacon of the Humanium Metal movement.

Alchemist 1 will be as much a piece of iconic art as it will be the ultimate Sneaker Head collectible. There will only be one pair ever made. It will be encased in a pristine glass pyramid with bespoke stained glass depicting the remarkable transformation of illegal guns from weapons of hate to sneakers for peace.

It will go on display at a high-profile exhibition before finally being auctioned. The metal that took so many lives will become the most significant symbol of Alchemy and signify the power of transformation.

09 | Beyond!

Humanium Metal & Maverick will continue developing many more metaverse projects designed to celebrate art, creativity, and break the cycle of gun violence, seeking out inspiring metaverse Artists to join the collective and become decentralized change-makers.

Our core belief is that blockchain and the metaverse can be used to do good in real life - we will do good in the world, one meta-step at a time.

NFTs for Peace | Powered by Illegal Guns

Humanium Metal and a team of decentralised artists known as Maverick have joined forces with world-class sneaker designer Tuan Le to create 501 Alchemist - the first ever Luxury Metaverse Sneaker Collection that breaks the cycle of gun violence by permanently destroying illegal weapons.

Powered by Humanium Metal, the NFT takes illegal guns off the streets. Forever. It creates a new way for the community to tackle gun violence and become champions of social change.

Drop Date | Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is our exclusive partner for the 501 Alchemist drop.

The Drop Date is 13th of April 2022 at 6.30 pm EST.

How Does it Work?

Join our Discord to discover how we will break the cycle of gun violence with creativity.

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NFTs for peace.